2018 Press Releases

NYC Commission On Human Rights Announces Settlement with Lenox Hill Radiology Following Investigation Into Failure to Provide Equal Access to Mammograms for Patients with Disabilities, 03/14/18

“Unequal access to health screenings and medical facilities puts people with disabilities at a higher risk for disease, including illnesses that could be life-threatening if left undiagnosed and untreated,” said Assistant Commissioner of the Law Enforcement Bureau at the NYC Commission on Human Rights, Sapna V. Raj. “The Commission acts immediately when it learns of possible violations like these and works with entities to resolve matters so that people with disabilities get the access to the life-saving medical examinations they need to live long, healthy, and happy lives. We hope this settlement encourages health providers across the City to proactively make broad and far-reaching changes to their facilities and practices to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities and that medical manufacturers everywhere create medical equipment and devices that meet the U.S. Access Board’s current accessibility standards.”

NYC Commission on Human Rights Announces Settlement with Sunnyside Queens Condo Board Following Investigation into Tenant Harassment And Discrimination, 02/16/18

Settlement requires resignation of board member Neal Milano and two others, removal of offensive displays and symbols in lobby, and changes to house rules to comply with the NYC Human Rights Law, among other changes.  Commission launched investigation in August 2017 after receiving reports of harassment and discrimination from elected officials, tenants, and condo owners.
“We hope this settlement sends a strong message to housing providers citywide that New York City does not tolerate discrimination or harassment and that we will not hesitate to take immediate action when we learn of violations,” said Assistant Commissioner for the Law Enforcement Bureau at the NYC Commission on Human Rights, Sapna V. Raj.

Statement from Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis on the New York City Commission on Human Rights's 2018 Artist in Residence, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, 01/23/18
“We are excited to welcome artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh whose profound work tackling street harassment directly ties to the Commission’s efforts to combat harassment and gender-based discrimination in New York City,  With Ms. Fazlalizadeh, we hope to engage more communities with thought-provoking pieces that promote inclusiveness, safety, equality, and respect for all New Yorkers, whether it’s at work, on the street, or in their homes. I thank the Department of Cultural Affairs for making the Commission part of this inspiring collaboration.”  

Fazlalizadeh, creator of the “Stop Telling Women to Smile” series, will collaborate with the Commission on public art projects that address race and gender inequality in NYC.