As part of its comprehensive public education campaign, the NYC Commission on Human Rights produces original publications, designed to inform the public about the work of the Commission. You may click on the name of the publication to obtain additional information, or you can click on the download links beneath the name to obtain the publication directly from this page (in PDF; Adobe download required).

Salary History Prohibition

Multilingual Brochure

Protections for People with Disabilities

English    Spanish    Korean    Chinese    Arabic    Russian    Haitian Creole

Urdu    Bengali    French

Businesses and Discrimination Protections Under the NYC Human Rights Law

English    Spanish    Arabic    Urdu    Haitian Creole

Korean    Chinese    Russian   French    Polish

Protections Against Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression

English     Russian    Urdu    Korean    Polish

Chinese    Arabic    Haitian Creole    Spanish    French

Mediation Questions and Answers


Women's Rights Brochure

English   Spanish   Chinese   Urdu   Arabic   Bengali   Korean  

Haitian Creole   Polish   French

Fair Chance Act


Credit History Law

Purple   Blue   Orange   Red

Immigrants & Human Rights


Fair Housing

English   Spanish   Chinese   Haitian-Creole   Korean   Russian   French   Bengali

Protections Against Religious Discrimination

English   Spanish   Urdu   Turkish   Korean   Arabic Hebrew   French   Hindi   Russian   Chinese

Discriminatory Harassment

English   Spanish   French   Russian  Haitian Creole   Arabic   Yiddish  Punjabi   Bengali

Bias-Based Profiling by Law Enforcement

English   Spanish   French   Russian

Haitian Creole   Arabic   Punjabi   Bengali

Disability Protections Under the Law

English     Spanish   Arabic    Bengali    French    Haitian Creole

Korean    Polish    Russian    Chinese    Urdu