How We Work

The Commission uses a multi-faceted approach to ensure that its on-going monitoring efforts are effective and all-encompassing. These efforts include:
  • Examining and reviewing all corruption allegations received by the NYPD. Specifically, Commission staff review the allegations that are logged by Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) to monitor patterns and trends in corruption related.
  • Monitoring cases in which a conclusion has been reached by the IAB so that it may evaluate how these cases have been handled from in-take through closure.
  • Attending Internal Affairs steering meetings at which high-ranking IAB personnel provide the investigative groups with direction in the management of their caseloads.
  • Reviewing penalties imposed in the disciplinary cases adjudicated by the Department.
  • Attending briefings by the Internal Affairs Bureau to the Police Commissioner on significant corruption investigations.
Depending on the current focus of the Commission's work, staff members may, among other tasks, observe Department disciplinary trials, interview NYPD personnel both inside and outside of IAB, or attend NYPD corruption training sessions.