NYC is divesting from Big Oil.

Leading the Fight

    We are bringing the fight straight to the fossil fuel industry. We’ve committed to be the first major US city to divest its pension funds from fossil fuels, and have filed suit against the five largest fossil fuel companies to protect New Yorkers against the impacts of climate change.

Stepping up efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Paris Agreement

    In September 2017, NYC became the first city to release a climate action plan aligned with the Paris Agreement. The 1.5C° plan lays out aggressive actions to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, accelerate the transition to clean energy, and pursue carbon neutrality in NYC, while prioritizing climate solutions that address economic and social inequities.





Rebuilding for the future.

Adapting our city

    The major disruptions to lives, neighborhoods, and infrastructure caused by Hurricane Sandy demonstrated our vulnerabilities to coastal storms and the risks of a changing climate. To adapt to these threats, NYC is investing over $20 billion in its multilayered resiliency program to protect New Yorkers and strengthen our city. 


NYC's Climate Leadership

"Burning fossil fuels is the single largest contributor to human-caused climate change. Those most responsible for the damage done to our planet have denied and buried this fact despite knowing it for decades. After a decades-long pattern of deception and denial by fossil fuel companies, New York City is holding them to account. By seeking damages for the investments necessary to protect New Yorkers from the impacts of climate change, and divesting our pension funds from fossil fuel reserves, we are taking the largest action by any city to confront the growing climate crisis and adding to NYC’s continued leadership on sustainability and resiliency.”  -Daniel A. Zarrilli,  Senior Director, Climate Policy and Programs

NYC Leading Fight Against Climate Chnage with OneNYC
NYC: Leading The Fight Against Climate Change with OneNYC
NYC's Climate Leadership
NYC's Climate Leadership Presentation


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