Keeping All New Yorkers Safe

At the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, we are working with New Yorkers, law enforcement, the courts, and other City agencies to ensure that each part of New York City’s public safety system works well and works together so that every New Yorker is safe and treated fairly.


Explore Our Public Safety Strategies:

Driving Down Violence

Despite dramatic reductions in violent crime citywide, New York City is working to address isolated spikes of gun violence.

Reducing Unnecessary Incarceration

Minimizing criminal justice involvement must involve many more players than the jail system alone.

Modernizing the Criminal Justice System

Enhanced technology, clear messaging and improved design can help build respectful environments that promote confidence in the criminal justice system.

Building Strong and Safe Neighborhoods

The Mayor's Office is working with residents, city agencies, and law enforcement to make neighborhoods around the city safer and stronger.


Our Most Recent Work:

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