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Building Ideas Archive

Town+Gown publishes an annual review called Building Ideas as part of disseminating the results of research conducted in the program. Building Ideas abstracts all completed research projects. If you would like to receive a copy of the work abstracted in Building Ideas, please contact us.

Building Ideas, Vol. 5
Building Ideas, Vol. 4
Building Ideas, Vol. 3
Building Ideas, Vol. 2
Building Ideas, Vol. 1

Symposium Event Archive

Town+Gown prepares précis documents for symposia and working papers for working group events that establish context, as well as summarize the completed Town+Gown project(s) that are the subject of the event. Below are précis documents and working papers from past events.

2013 - 2014

Articles on Town+Gown

All articles will download in PDF format.

Case Study: New York City's Town+Gown Program
by Terri Matthews

‘Town+Gown’ and CCNY's Sustainability in the Urban Environment Program
by Terri Matthews and George Smith

Policy, Meet Design
by Andrew Shea

A Place to Test Ideas
Fordham Business, Fall 2017, pp. 6-7

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