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Experiential Learning Component

Town+Gown began its work by focusing on developing projects within experiential learning and service learning programs at participating academic institutions. These in-kind exchanges where students provide their newly learned skills and practitioners provide real problems with real data and other information to produce knowledge are a vital component of the Town+Gown program. Town+Gown has also developed several interesting projects within classes.

Any academic institution with experiential learning programs (such as studios, workshops, capstones, clinics, service learning programs), masters and doctorate programs with thesis and dissertation requirements can work with Town+Gown to structure engagements that focus on aspects of built environment issues either expressed in the Research Agenda or generated by the institution. Any academic institution that would like to develop graduate and undergraduate classes or components of these classes focusing on built environment themes can work with Town+Gown to develop such programming. Any member of Town with a new research question can work with Town+Gown to craft the research question for inclusion in the Research Agenda at any time.

Experiential learning engagements provide benefits to both students and practitioners. Watch our video to learn about the impact of a recent series of Fordham/Gabelli experiential learning engagements with DDC from both academic and practitioner perspectives. 

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Funded Research Component

Town+Gown used the PPB Rule Section 3-12 “innovative procurement” vehicle to create a master requirement contract for academic research services (the "Consortium Contract"), with a consortium pool of the 15 academic institutions below:


Any combination of City agencies, State agencies and certain not-for-profit corporations, using their own funds (collectively the "requesting entity") can utilize the Consortium Contract by submitting a Town+Gown RFP to DDC as manager of Town+Gown and as administrator for the Consortium Contract, for DDC to transmit to the consortium pool of institutions.  The institutions in the consortium pool would respond with their Proposals in Response, and the Proposal in Response selected by the requesting entity would become the Task Order for the research project.  Below are the template documents for the process described above:

Requesting entities should contact the Director of Town+Gown with any questions about the process or template documents, and individuals at the institutions should contact their representative to the Gown Advisory Council with any questions about the process or template documents.

For additional information about the Town+Gown RFP process, please see this document.

The Consortium Contract created a Gown Advisory Council made up of representatives from the consortium institutions. The members can access the Gown Advisory Council web page here.