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a bioswale
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    Bioswales are a critical part of New York City’s investment in green infrastructure: they’re effective tools in urban areas that improve water quality; reduce sewer overflow as well as flood, environmental, and health risks. Currently, DDC is managing the construction of over 5,000 bioswales across the City.
The interior of Buffalo Central Terminal
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    DDC is latest partnership with the ACE Mentor Program of New York City recently concluded with an in-depth report by 12 City high school students on how to re-open and repurpose the Buffalo Central Terminal in upstate New York.

befero and after glen oaks library gif
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    Design and Construction Excellence 2.0 (DCE 2.0) is a program that reaffirms and extends our commitment to delivering innovative public buildings and infrastructure of the highest quality. Partnerships with creative design and construction professionals enables DDC to strengthen thriving neighborhoods, bolster economic growth and create jobs. 
A graphic that says DDC 20 in a white outline.
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    DDC is celebrating twenty years of building a strong, sustainable New York City. Begun in 1996 as a way for the City to efficiently manage the design and construction of most public buildings and infrastructure, our agency has grown into a worldwide leader in design and construction management. It’s a milestone we are privileged to achieve, and we look forward to more years of service.
A shot of the vendors at Plaza De Las Americas
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