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A view of the front of Glen Oaks Library at dusk.

Since 1996, we have completed 4,151 projects and counting.

We design, renovate and build the structures that New York City needs to serve the public: from libraries and museums, to police precincts, senior centers, and beyond. We also build and design replacement components for the City’s complex infrastructure system, improving the City’s sewage system and ensuring that New Yorkers will always have access to clean drinking water.

Our large projects are exciting, but we know it's the little things that count. Our portfolio of smaller-scale work keeps all New Yorkers safe, from the installation of more than 42,000 wheelchair-accessible pedestrian ramps, to the upgrade of more than 10,000 fire hydrants throughout the City.

With non-stop improvement happening in every borough, we do our best to be a good neighbor. If you notice our crews in your neighborhood, our Office of Community Outreach and Notification can answer questions and give you the latest news.