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2016-002G Prior Notice Sidewalk Flowchart
2016-001G Inclement Weather Protocol & Site Preparation
2015-004G ESVP, RCP Sewer Pipe Crack Policy
2015-003G Notice to Proceed to Construction Commencement
2015-002G Meeting Minutes
2015-002G Meeting Minutes (Word)
2015-001G Critical Project Team
2014-002G Advanced Advisory Notification
2014-001G Construction Community Liaison Selection Procedures - Revised
2013-001G Mosaics - Procedures for Protected Streets and Permit Release
2012-002G Work Performed Outside the Limits of Roadway Construction Project
2012-001G Community Construction Liaison Selection Procedures - Revised
2011-002G Project Safety Submission Requirements
2011-001G Approved Shop Drawing Submission to QACS
2010-008G Summer Heat Alert Procedures for Con Edison-Revised 12-07-2010
2010-007W Water In-Service Notification-Revised
2010-006G Contaminated Hazardous Material Handling Protocol
2010-005G DDC Employee Confined Space Protocol
2010-004G As-Built Drawings Submission
2010-003G Corrosion Control Specialist Services During Construction
2010-002G Bus Stops Concrete Pads Location Confirmation
2010-001G Inter-Borough Coordination of Citywide Projects
2009-004W Trunk Water Main Design Changes
2009-003G Environmental Remediation Costs
2009-002G QA Construction Meeting Request Notification
2009-001G Manual of Pre-Construction and Critical Phase Meeting Agendas
2008-012W Notification Procedure Following Water Main Shutdowns
2008-011W Distribution Water Main Horizontal Offset Due to Utility Interference
2008-010G Proper Notification for Temporary and Permanent Sign Changes
2008-009W New Water Main Sample Card with Chain of Custody Section
2008-008G WTC Project Records Retention Requirement
2008-007G Subcontractor Payment Form for Federally Funded Projects
2008-006G Unit Price Verification for Overruns
2008-005G Highway Cut Sheets Approval
2008-004G Standard Reference Documents for Infrastructure Project Offices
2008-002G Monthly Progress Report - Revised
2008-001W Transfer of Water Services to New Mains
2007-006G Pedestrian Ramp Installation Guidelines (Revised)  
2007-005G Project Closeout Tracking Sheet
2007-004W Remediation of Steel Pipe with Hazardous Coating Material
2007-003G Monthly Progress Report
2007-002G Catch Basin Sketch and Inventory Record Samples
2006-009G Street Lighting and Traffic Signals Coordinator
2006-008G Sidewalks - ADA Compliance
2006-007G Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) 
2006-006G Sewer Pipes Defects and Repairs on As-Built Drawings
2006-005W Water Main Field Cards
2006-004G Tree Consultant Procurement and Payments (Revised)
2006-003W Use of Temporary Construction Valves on Distribution Water Mains
2006-002G Shop Drawing Log Sheets
2006-001W Protocol for Disinfecting and Activating Trunk Water Mains and Appurtenances
2005-011G Material Release and Shipping Authorization - QACS
2005-010G Catch Basin Type 3 Substitution Request by Utilities
2005-009G QACS Qualification of Field Personnel - ID Cards Verification
2005-008G Sewer Connection Assessments
2005-007W Water Main Tap Cards
2005-006G DDC Protocol for Working near Energized Overhead Electrical Distribution Systems
2005-005G Summer Heat Alert Procedures - Con Edison Revised 04-07-2005
2005-004G Water Shutdown Planning
2005-003G Use Of Sewer Television Inspection Items on Trench Restoration Projects
2005-002G Substitution of Permanent for Temporary Asphaltic Concrete       
2005-001G Community Construction Liaison Selection Procedure
2004-015G Trunk Water Main Shutdown Request
2004-014G Water Shutdown Planning For Holidays and Special Events
2004-013G Tree Consultant Procurement and Payments 
2004-012G Daily Water Main Shutdown Log (see also SCOP 2004-014) 
2004-011G Summer Heat Alert Procedures - LIPA 
2004-010G Sheeting and Bracing Constructability Review
2004-009G Shop Drawing Approval (see also SCOP 2004-010)
2004-008G Panda Compaction Test Results
2004-007G Garbage Collection on Project Sites
2004-006G Summer Heat Alert Procedures - Con Edison (superseded by SCOP 2005-005G)
2004-005 Parking Meter Removal
2004-004G Status of Milled Locations
2004-003G Pay Telephone Removal
2004-002G Public Affairs Communication Protocol
2004-001G Weekly Status of Pedestrian Ramp And Sidewalk Construction Work
2003-005G Pedestrian Ramp As-Built Inventory
2003-004G Site Patrol of Projects By EIC
2003-003G Markouts - Prior Notice Sidewalk Contracts
2003-002G Contractor, Consultant Performance Evaluations
2003-001G Patrol Of Inactive Projects, Completed Locations
2002-019G Alcohol Use on Job Sites
2002-018G Mailbox Notices
2002-017G Safety - Coalition Incidents Policy
2002-016G Site Safety Policy
2002-015G Critical Traffic Signs Maintenance
2002-014G Construction Site Safety Emergency Protocol (See also SCOP 2002-016G)
2002-013S Sewer Entry in Manhattan - Special Precautions
2002-012G NY State DEC Permits
2002-011G Type-1 Catch Basins
2002-010G Time Extension for REI Contracts
2002-009G Preconstruction Meeting Agenda
2002-008G Field Office E-Mail
2002-007G Monthly Pedestrian Ramp Reports
2002-006W Water Main Tap Cards (Superseded by SCOP 2005-007W)
2002-005G Garbage Collection on Project Sites (Superseded by SCOP 2004-007G)
2002-004G Summonses And Fines
2002-003G Revised Standard Construction Contract
2002-002G Water Service Repair Log
2002-001G REI Consultant Final Acceptance
2001-012G Material Testing - QA Lab
2001-011G Location of Major Underground Facilities
2001-010G Monitoring Structures During Construction
2001-009W Water Main In-Service Notification (Superseded by SCOP 2010-007W)
2001-008G Standard Record Keeping
2001-007G Shop Drawing Approval
2001-006G Potential Claims by the Public
2001-005G Temporary Processing, Stockpiling and Storage Sites
2001-004G QA Advance Daily Project Information Notification
2001-003G Legal Inquiries
2001-002G Notification of Substantial Completion
2001-001G Extended Water Shutdown Notice
2000-010S Catch Basin Connections on SECB Projects
2000-009G Steel Reinforcement - Impalement Prevention
2000-008G Construction Site Emergency - Accident Notification (see SCOPs 2001-006G, 2002-014G and 2002-016G)
2000-007G Borough Survey Monuments - Protection and Installation
2000-006G Catch Basin As-Built Inventory
2000-005S As-Built Records for Sewer Projects - R.E. Responsibility
2000-004G Daily Water Main Shutdown Log (superseded by SCOP 2004-012G)
2000-003G Sheeting and Bracing - Constructability Review
2000-002G Fly Ash in DEP Concrete
2000-001G Cold Weather Protection of Water Services
1999-009G Site Visitor Sign In
1999-008G Notification of Substantial Completion (Superseded by SCOP 2001-002G)
1999-007G Protocol for Additional Work Requests on Construction Projects
1999-006G School Construction Embargo for Various Location Contracts
1999-005G Commercial Vehicle Requirements for DDC Haulers
1999-004G Cost Allowance for Contractor-Owned Equipment And Material
1999-003S Maintenance and Protection of Existing Sewers
1999-002G Fixed Asset Reporting
1999-001G Cold Weather Protection of Water Services (superseded by SCOP 2000-001G)
1998-011G QA Advance Notice Bi-Weekly Project Information (superseded by SCOP 2001-004G)
1998-010G Cold Weather Concreting
1998-009G QA Advance Notice Bi-Weekly Project Information (Superseded by SCOP 2001-004G)
1998-008G Contractor's Performance Evaluations and Unsatisfactory QA Ratings (superseded by SCOP 2003-002G)
1998-007G Substantial Completion Sign-Off - QA Notification
1998-006G Pedestrian Ramp As-Built Inventory (Superseded by SCOP 2003-005G)
1998-005G Delivery of Excess Fill To DOS
1998-004G Below Cost Bid Items
1998-003S As-Built Records for Sewer Projects - R.E. Responsibility (see also SCOP 2000-005S)
1998-002G Cost Allowance for Contractor-Owned Equipment and Material (Superseded by SCOP 1999-004G)
1998-001G Standard Construction Operating Procedure System - Implementation