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DSS Fiscal Manual

Current Requests for Proposals

  • Construction Management Services for Renovation Projects at Shelter Sites Citywide
  • Open-Ended RFP (PIN: 071-00S-003-262Z, EPIN: 07115P0001)
    • In order to meet its legal obligations DHS maintains an open-ended Request for Proposal process through which non-profit social service providers submit proposals to augment capacity. Although DHS does not target specific areas to open shelters, the agency strives to keep families near their communities as much as possible. This is an open-ended request for proposals, therefore, there is no prescribed due date for submissions. All suitable proposals will be reviewed by the agency on an ongoing basis as received. Non-profit social service providers may submit a proposal to develop and operate Stand-Alone Transitional Residences for Homeless Single Adults, Stand-Alone Transitional Residences for Homeless Families, and Stand-Alone Drop-In Centers for Homeless Adults.

Current Invitations for Bids

Current Invitations for Negotiated Acquisitions

Current Invitations for Solicitations

  • There are no current invitations for solicitations.

Notice of Renewals

HHS Accelerator

DHS and other human services agencies use the Health and Human Services (HHS) Accelerator System to manage the procurement process for Requests for Proposal (RFPs) only. HHS Accelerator dos not include Open-Ended Requests for Proposal, Invitations for Bid, or Professional Services RFPs. In order to respond to an RFP, an electronic prequalification application must be submitted using HHS Accelerator.

Access HHS Accelerator

NYC Procurement Roadmap

For a complete listing of HHS Accelerator RFPs released by other City agencies, please visit the NYC Procurement Roadmap. All current and prospective vendors should frequently review information listed there to take full advantage of upcoming opportunities for funding.

Non-HHS Accelerator RFPs

All other non-HHS Accelerator RFPs, including the Open-Ended RFP and Invitation for Bid applications released by DHS can be obtained, free of charge, from DHS' Office of Contracts and Procurement, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (excluding City holidays) at 33 Beaver Street, 13th Floor Bid Desk, New York, NY 10004.

These RFPs can also be obtained from City Record Online.

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For any questions concerning the RFP process or the IFB process, please contact Jacques Frazier, Director of Competitive Sealed Bids, at 212-361-8405.