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January 17, 2018 -- HOME-STAT Reaches New Milestone: Nearly 1,500 Unsheltered Homeless New Yorkers Helped Off Streets

January 15, 2018 -- NYC Department of Homeless Services Calls on New Yorkers to Take Part in Citywide Effort to Survey City's Unsheltered Population on Monday, January 22

January 2, 2018 -- De Blasio Administration Expands NYPD-DHS Joint Homeless Outreach Efforts

December 21, 2017 -- De Blasio Administration, City Council, and Advocates Expand Comprehensive Overdose Prevention Programming in City Shelters

December 12, 2017 -- Mayor de Blasio Moves to Convert Cluster Buildings Into Permanent Affordable Housing for Homeless Families

October 30, 2017 -- Mayor Appoints Annabel Palma as Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives at the Department of Social Services

July 10, 2017 -- Mayor Appoints Joslyn Carter Administrator of the Department of Homeless Services

July 6, 2017 -- NYC Honors More Than 100 Homeless College-Bound High School Graduates

July 5, 2017 -- NYC Enhances HOME-STAT Street Outreach Efforts Amid Rise in Street Homeless Population

May 26, 2017 -- City Transitions More Than 3,000 New Yorkers Out of Cluster Units, Reducing Use by 23 Percent

May 18, 2017 -- DSS Commissioner Banks and Public Television Station WNET Commemorate First Anniversary of Educational Child Wait Space Collaboration

May 1, 2017 -- Marking One-Year Anniversary of HOME-STAT, City Enhances Street Homeless Outreach Efforts

February 28, 2017 -- De Blasio Administration Announces Plan to Turn the Tide on Homelessness with Borough-Based Approach

February 16, 2017 -- Department of Homeless Services Terminating All Hotel and Cluster-Site Contracts with BEDCO

February 7, 2017 -- New York City Conducts 12th Annual HOPE Survey

January 6, 2017 -- NYPD Management Team to Assist DHS with Management of Security in Homeless Shelters

January 5, 2017 -- DHS Calls on New Yorkers to Take Part in Citywide Effort to Count City's Unsheltered Population on Monday, January 23

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