With the creation of Homebase in September 2004, DHS dramatically changed the landscape of homeless services in New York City. Prior to this time, many low-income New Yorkers found shelter to be the only means for coping with a housing crisis. But now, households on the brink of homelessness are faced with an entirely new reality, complete with an extensive network of neighborhood-based services to help them remain in their communities and avoid entering shelter.

We recently opened more locations in community districts throughout the five boroughs; Homebase remains the cornerstone of the City's homelessness prevention efforts, crafting individualized assistance to meet the needs of each household. Among the services that may be offered are:

  • Services to prevent eviction
  • Assistance obtaining public benefits
  • Emergency rental assistance
  • Education and job placement assistance
  • Financial counseling and money management
  • Help relocating
  • Short-term financial assistance

Reach Out Before You're Forced Out of Your Home

Imagine being forced out of your home. Now imagine seeing your kids go through it. | Reach out, BEFORE a shelter is your only option. | If you're at risk of becoming homeless, call 311 or visit nyc.gov today.