NYC Drug & Alcohol Data

We use data and statistics from New Yorkers to inform the public and health professionals about the health of the City over time, to establish priorities and to shape health policy at all levels of government.

Drug related deaths: We link data from the Bureau of Vital Statistics and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in order to identify and explore deaths from overdose in NYC. As of August 2017, the data is updated quarterly. See data tables, and 2017 Provisional Opioid Overdose Death Data Second Quarter (PDF) and 2017 Provisional Opioid Overdose Death Data First Quarter (PDF).

Alcohol use among adults: Data from the Community Health Survey provide information about alcohol use among New York City adults. Data are updated annually. In 2012, an alcohol-focused survey provided more detail about patterns of use, harm related to other people’s drinking, and awareness of selected sales practices and policies. See data tables.

Drug & alcohol use among youth Data from the NYC Youth Risk Behavior Survey provide information about alcohol and drug use among public high school aged youth and associated risk behaviors. Data are updated every two years. See data tables or download our fact sheet (PDF) on drug use related mortality, morbidity, and prevalence among New York City Youth (Ages 15-24).

Hospitalization data Data from the Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS) allow exploration of alcohol and drug related hospital visits (admissions and emergency department visits). Data are updated annually. See data tables.

Publications Each year, selected data from these and other sources result in publications that assist the public in interpreting the data. See a list of publications about drugs and alcohol.


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