Site-Specific Performance on Viral Load Suppression±

The University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Montefiore Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic

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  • Bronx, NY 10467
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  • Barry S. Zingman, MD
  • Medical Director, AIDS Center
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In 2015, the Montefiore Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic had 1,954 patients in care and achieved 87.1% on Viral Load Suppression. The Montefiore Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic is part of the Mount Sinai Health System. In 2015, the Mount Sinai Health System had 8,792 patients established in HIV care and achieved 88.6% on Viral Load Suppression, which represents an increase of 15.6% in Viral Load Suppression performance since 2012.

Viral Load Suppression*





Montefiore Center

Montefiore Center

2012 - 2015 Progress on Viral Load Suppression

¥ In Care: A person is considered to be established in HIV care if they had two CD4/VL tests at least 3 months apart in 2015

± Viral Load Suppression: Last quantitative HIV RNA value ≤200 copies/mL

* Goal: 90% local Viral Load Suppression goal

All 34 CCD Sites* Data displayed for the 34 sites that receive a CCD from DOHMH

Data source: Laboratory data reported to the NYC HIV surveillance registry