Site-Specific Performance on Viral Load Suppression±

The Mount Sinai Medical Center

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In 2015, the Mount Sinai Medical Center had 3,667 patients in care and achieved 89.8% on Viral Load Suppression. The Mount Sinai Medical Center is part of the Mount Sinai Health System. In 2015, the Mount Sinai Health System had 8,792 patients established in HIV care and achieved 88.6% on Viral Load Suppression, which represents an increase of 15.6% in Viral Load Suppression performance since 2012.

Viral Load Suppression*





The Mt. Sinai

The Mt. Sinai

2012 - 2015 Progress on Viral Load Suppression

¥ In Care: A person is considered to be established in HIV care if they had two CD4/VL tests at least 3 months apart in 2015

± Viral Load Suppression: Last quantitative HIV RNA value ≤200 copies/mL

* Goal: 90% local Viral Load Suppression goal

All 34 CCD Sites* Data displayed for the 34 sites that receive a CCD from DOHMH

Data source: Laboratory data reported to the NYC HIV surveillance registry