Poison Control

The NYC Poison Control Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for treatment advice about exposures to poisons or questions about medicine safety. Pharmacists and nurses certified in poison information are there to give advice. All calls are free and confidential. Translator services are provided in more than 150 languages. Call any time at 1-800-222-1222 or 212-POISONS (212-764-7667).

In the News

Keep packets of concentrated laundry detergent away from kids!!

Because these small packets (pictured at right) are colorful and squishy, they are attractive to children. Some young children have put these small packets in their mouths, thinking they are candy, and have become very ill.

Learn more about the risks of these small detergent packets
- and keep them safely locked away. [ Español ][ 中文 ]

Bath Salts!

Synthetic cathinones, or 'bath salts' are powerful drugs that can cause hallucinations and violent behavior. Learn more about the health risks of bath salts

Synthetic Marijuana

Use of synthetic cannabinoids can cause dangerous health effects like psychotic episodes and seizures. Learn more about the health risks of synthetic marijuana

Poison Prevention in the Home Online Training

This training provides an overview of the New York City Poison Control Center’s services and tips to prevent poisonings in the home. Topics covered include household products, medicine safety, plants and Carbon Monoxide. Throughout the training, educational materials can be downloaded for each topic area. Upon completion of the training and post-test, a certificate will be emailed.

Who should complete the training?

The training may be completed by anyone interested in learning the key messages about poison prevention in the home. This includes health educators, injury prevention coordinators, parent coordinators, day care center staff, home visitors or others interested in children’s safety and health.

Educational information and materials are available free of charge in English, Spanish, Chinese, Creole, Russian and Korean.  In addition, workshops focusing on poison prevention and medicine safety are provided in English, Spanish and Chinese.  Please email nycpcc@health.nyc.gov with questions or for more information about community education programs.

Access the Poison Prevention in the Home training session.

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