What is Sexual and Reproductive Justice?

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Sexual and reproductive justice (SRJ) exists when all people have the power and resources to make healthy decisions about their bodies, sexuality and reproduction. SRJ means that every person has the human right to:

  • Choose to have or not have children
  • Choose the conditions under which to give birth or create a family
  • Care for their children with the necessary social support in a safe and healthy environment
  • Control their own body and self-expression, free from any form of sexual or reproductive oppression

The term "reproductive justice" was coined by a group of black women in 1994. From this group, a framework and Sister Song, a collective led by indigenous women and women of color, emerged.

What is the SRJ Community Engagement Group?

The SRJ Community Engagement Group (CEG) (PDF) is a group of community leaders, activists and nonprofit organizations that work with the support of the NYC Health Department to promote SRJ in New York City. The CEG meets monthly to plan and implement activities so that all New Yorkers can safely express their sexuality and gender identity with dignity, and have the knowledge, skills and resources to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

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