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Let NYC Quits be your partner to quit smoking. Get started now with our supportive tools. Create a plan that's unique to you, so that you don't just quit this month, but quit for life.

You don't have to do it alone, we're here to help you. No matter how long you have smoked, it is never too late to stop.

Call 866-NY-QUITS or visit for help.

NYC Quits Resources

We can help you quit smoking and stay smoke-free for good. Find information on how to quit, how to cope with common nicotine withdrawal symptoms and locate a quit smoking program near you.

It is hard to quit smoking. Most people try several times before they are able to quit for good. The good news is, although it’s hard, it can be done. To connect with other quitters and read inspirational stories of other New Yorkers who have quit for good, visit our NYC Quits Smoking Facebook page.

HelpMeQuit App

The NYC Health Department's new mobile app, NYC HelpMeQuit, is a free resource to help you say goodbye to cigarettes. It can track and celebrate your progress, offer tips on how to outlast cravings, and connect you with other quitters for support. The app also helps you stay motivated with personal reasons why you should avoid smoking, and it can keep you distracted with games when that craving hits.

Download NYC HelpMeQuit for Android or iOS.