Healthy Beverages

Watch these young New Yorkers reveal the benefits of drinking New York City tap water.

Drink Water

Selecting healthy beverages is an important part of achieving better health. We encourage all New Yorkers to enjoy healthier drink choices, like New York City tap water. Water is refreshing, essentially free, healthy and great on the go. Water can be fun and tasty, especially if infused with fruits and vegetables.
For ideas, check out these Flavor-Infused Water Recipes (PDF) Other languages: [Español] [Français] [Русский].

Sugary Drinks

Americans today consume 200 to 300 more calories daily than 30 years ago. Nearly half of these extra calories come from sugary drinks and can lead to obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. With every additional sugary beverage a child drinks daily, his/her chance of becoming obese increases by 60%.

Most people don't realize how easy it is to gain weight from drinking sugary sodas, juice drinks, sport drinks and sweetened tea and coffee drinks. Just one 20-ounce bottle of soda can pack 250 calories and the equivalent of more than 16 teaspoons of added sugars. Is the lemon-flavored iced tea any better? Not by much - with 210 calories and the equivalent of 14½ teaspoons of added sugars. Sugar-sweetened beverages add hundreds of calories to your diet each day.

Here are some tips to avoid sugary drinks:

  1. Drink plenty of water. Try NYC's own high quality water (PDF) and save both money and calories.
  2. Choose fat-free milk.
  3. Switch from drinking juice to eating whole fruit.
  4. Skip sports drinks and energy drinks. Water is all you need.
  5. Watch out for pre-sweetened coffee and tea drinks, and shakes.
  6. Downsize and choose the smaller size.

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