Take Care New York 2020

TCNY 2020 (PDF) is the City’s blueprint for giving everyone the chance to live a healthier life. Its aim is twofold — to improve every community’s health, and to make greater strides in groups with the worst health outcomes, so that our city becomes a more equitable place for everyone. Unlike previous Take Care New York plans, TCNY 2020 looks at traditional health factors as well as social factors, like how many people in a community graduated from high school or go to jail. The 1st Annual Update Report, released in 2016, highlights ongoing efforts to achieve TCNY 2020 goals.


To begin building momentum toward TCNY 2020 goals, the Health Department held dozens of Community Consultations across the city during fall and winter of 2015-2016. At these public events, we asked community members to share what issues they see as most urgent in their neighborhoods. Visit our Community Consultations Prioritization Results page to see the top priorities listed by community members that attended each event. In the summer of 2016, we also offered an opportunity for New Yorkers who weren’t able to attend a consultation to offer their input online. Through this process, we heard from more than 1,000 New Yorkers about TCNY 2020 goals and local priorities for change.

The Health Department is now working with partners in a variety of sectors to advance these community priorities.

Neighborhood Health Initiative

The TCNY 2020 Neighborhood Health Initiative is a pilot collaboration with the nonprofit sector to support community action for health equity. In 2016, the Health Department selected eight organizations working in under-resourced neighborhoods to bring community members together and identify avenues toward better community health. Since then, we have created ongoing opportunities for these organizations to build their capacity as agents of change, mobilizing their communities to create the future that New Yorkers want to see. Learn more.

2016-2018 Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan Report

Every three years, local health departments submit a report to the New York State Department of Health describing community health needs and outlining plans to address two Prevention Priority areas. TCNY 2020 is the core of our 2016-2018 NYC Community Health Assessment and Community Health Plan which was submitted to NYSDOH in December 2016. This version of the Community Health Improvement Plan describes our plans to address hypertension and overdose deaths.

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  1. Learn about community conditions that affect your physical and mental health by reading your Community Health Profile.
  2. Review the booklet Take Care New York 2020: Every Neighborhood, Every New Yorker, Everyone’s Health Counts (PDF)
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  3. Learn about the Neighborhood Health Initiative.
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If you have questions about Take Care New York 2020, please contact takecarenewyork@health.nyc.gov.