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Squad 8/H+H

Squad 8 is the Inspector General for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (Health and Hospitals). Health and Hospitals delivers healthcare related services to the people of New York City through a system of 11 hospitals, multiple trauma centers, neighborhood health centers, nursing homes, and post-acute care centers employing over 35,000 workers. Squad 8 conducts long term investigations to prevent Health and Hospitals employees from defrauding the City and engaging in corrupt behavior as well as preventing employees from using Health and Hospitals resources to engage in narcotics trafficking. In addition, Squad 8 is the Inspector General over Metro Plus, the health insurance program owned and operated by Health and Hospitals. In that role, Squad 8 arrests individuals who engage in schemes to defraud the insurance program through providing fraudulent medical services and billing and thus deprive Health and Hospitals of needed funds.