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Squad 5

Squad 5 investigates fraud, waste and corruption committed by elected officials, lobbyists and City funded not-for-profit organizations. Squad 5 also oversees multiple City agencies, including the Campaign Finance Board, the Actuary Commission, the City Clerk’s Office, and the Board of Elections. The Squad investigates and arrests officials at non-profits who divert government funds to private ends including personal enrichment or improper political activities. Squad 5 also investigates public officials who misuse their office for personal gain.

Squad 5 Reports

Theft of Funds by Former Procurement Director of the Richmond County District Attorney's Office

Fraud and Vulnerabilities at the New York City Department for the Aging

Report on the Emergency Communication Transformation Program

Review of Delays and Cost Overruns with the Emergency Communications Transformation Program (ECTP)

CityTime Fraud Recommendations to Improve New York City's Management of Large Information Technology Contracts