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Squad 6

Squad 6 oversees the Department of Sanitation, the Taxi and Limousine Commission, the Office of Emergency Management, the Fire Department, the Conflicts of Interest Board, the Marshals Bureau and some NYPD matters. Squad 6 investigates allegations that City workers in these agencies and contractors who do business with these agencies have stolen funds or corrupted agency processes. The Squad also investigates other improper actions by workers in these agencies and by businesses who are regulated by these agencies. Squad 6 also prevents waste of City resources through DOI’s Vendor Integrity Program, in which DOI retains monitors to audit the performance and billing of specified City vendors. The Vendor Integrity Program is generally used either on very large procurement or construction projects in which billions of dollars are set to be spent or with vendors that have had a history of improper billing but provide a unique service that the City requires.

Squad 6 Reports

Interim Report on Monitorship of the City's Rapid Repairs and Build-it-Back Progarms

Investigation into Significant Delay in Dispatching an Ambulance to a Queens Fatal Fire in 2014

Build it Back Program: A Status Report