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Squad 2

Squad 2 oversees city agencies providing social services, including the Department of Social Services, which includes the Human Resources Administration and the Department of Homeless Services, as well as the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), and the Division of Youth and Family Justice. The Squad is charged with making sure that these agencies fulfill their mandate to protect the most vulnerable New York City residents. Squad 2 engages in data driven analysis to identify where funds intended for city residents are stolen and seek redress. Squad 2 also works to ensure that social services agencies carry out mandated activities. The squad investigates misconduct and fraud involving federal and state funds, and arrests city workers and service providers of Medicaid, Food Stamps and other programs who commit such crimes. In addition, Squad 2 investigates and issues Reports related to ACS’s conduct of abuse and neglect cases.

Squad 2 Reports

Illicit Activities at Hotels Used by the Department of Homeless Services to Shelter Homeless Families with Children

Corruption in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program at the Human Resources Administration

Investigation into ACS's Response to Child Abuse and Neglect Allegations Involving Jaden Jordan

ACS Policy and Practice Violations Identified in Three Child Welfare Cases

Inadequate Oversight by the Administration for Children's Services

Employee Fraud and Program Vulnerabilities at the New York City Human Resources Administration

Probe of Department of Homeless Services' Shelters for Families with Children Finds Serious Deficiencies