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Public Reports by SQUAD


Security Lapses at Correction Facilities

Misuse of City-Owned Vehicles

Corizon Health Inc.

Recruitment and Application Process

Security Breach


Illicit Activities at Hotels Used by the Department of Homeless Services to Shelter Homeless Families with Children

Inside Scheme to Steal Public Benefits: Mahalia Abraham

Abuse and Neglect - Jaden Jordan

Legal and Practice Violations

Additional Arrests Due to Inadequate Oversight

Employee Fraud: Cherrise Watson-Jackson

Shelter Deficiencies


National Grid


Tenant Interim Lease Program

Avanti Report



Fuel Delivery Fraud



Theft by Former Richmond County D.A. Procurement Director

Concerns Regarding Auditing Practice and Oversight of Contractors; United Block Association

Emergency Communication Transformation Program

ECTP Delays

CityTime Fraud


Sandy Relief Contract Overbilling

Ambulance Dispatch Delay

Build it Back Progress


DOI Investigation Reveals NYCHA Failed to Conduct Mandatory Lead Safety Inspections for Four Years

DOI Follow-up Investigation Finds Insufficient Inventory Controls Over Large Appliances at NYCHA Facilities

Dangerous Criminal Offenders in Public Housing

Safety Checks Neglect in Public Housing Apartments

Fatal 2015 NYCHA Elevator Accident

Crime and Criminal Offenders in Public Housing

Garbage Hoist

Security Cameras


DOI Investigation Finds Non-Compliance by NYPD with New Use-of-Force Reporting Requirements

DOI Investigation Finds Gaps in NYPD's Implementation of 2012 Patrol Guide Revisions for LGBTQ and TGNC People

An Assessment of NYPD's Handling of the U Visa Certification Process

Third Annual Report March 2017

Outside Guidelines Complaint Process

NYPD’s Crisis Intervention Team Initiative

Political Activity Investigation Report and Response

Quality of Life Enforcement

Second Annual Report - April 2016

Use-of-force, De-escalation Tactics and Discipline

Body-Worn Cameras Pilot Program Assessment

Law Suits and Legal Claims

Inaugural Annual Report - March 2015



Sandy Relief Contract Overbilling

Build it Back Progress


A Report Detailing the Findings of an Investigation into the Enrollment of Deputy Mayor Richard R. Buery's Two sons into DOE Elementary and Middle Schools in Brooklyn in 2014

Unsupervised Children

Union Meeting