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NYC Organics

    This year our food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard waste curbside collection program will be made available to more than two million additional city residents. The program began as a pilot for 3,200 residents in spring 2013 and is already available to nearly one million residents citywide.

    After collection, the material is turned into usable compost or renewable energy.

Snow Laborers
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    Snow laborers shovel snow and ice from bus stops, crosswalks, fire hydrants & step streets after heavy snowfalls, and are paid $15/hour.

    Register at your local garage weekdays, 7 am - 3 pm. You must be at 18+, eligible to work in the U.S., and capable of performing heavy physical labor.

    All applicants must bring: Two small photos; Original and copy of two forms of ID; and your Social Security card.


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