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“Vision Zero” Brooms
“Vision Zero” Brooms
    New “Clean Air” Vehicles Increase Visibility for Driver, Have Better Fuel Efficiency and Back-Up Cameras
Dispose of Potentially Harmful Household Items
DSNY's SAFE Events
    Household products such as pesticides, strong cleaners, mercury-containing devices, paints, automotive fluids, and medications may be brought to the drop-off events.

    Residents may also bring electronics, which can no longer be thrown away, because of a New York state law.

April is Autism Awareness Month
DSNY and Autism Speaks
    In honor of Autism Awareness Month, DSNY and Autism Speaks have placed posters on collection trucks and mechanical brooms.

    The posters will appear on some 2,500 Department trucks and brooms throughout April, Autism Awareness Month. 

    Click here to view the video

New Collection Bin Laws
New Laws
    New laws allow DSNY to immediately remove illegally placed clothing collection bins on public property.

    After removal, the owner has 30 days to redeem the bin. The owner may be responsible for storage charges, removal charges and civil penalties.

    If the bin is not redeemed, DSNY will correctly dispose of the bin and its material.

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