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DSNY provides regularly scheduled curbside recycling and garbage collection for residential households in the City, and collects food scraps and yard waste from buildings with NYC Organics Collection.

Residents must comply with guidelines for setting out garbage, separating recyclables, and properly disposing of harmful products. DSNY encourages NYC residents to go beyond the legal requirements and take steps to prevent unnecessary waste and keep NYC clean and safe.

This section explains:

How To Get Rid Of common residential household items.
Setout Rules for Residents, including guidelines for curbside setout, and collection schedule.
Recycling Collection for Residents—what to recycle and how.
Organics Collection and Drop-Off guidelines.
Safe Disposal of harmful products.
Take-Back Options for returning items to manufacturers for recycling or safe disposal.
How to Waste Less.
Donating and Reuse to extend the usable life of products.

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