Plan Inclusively

Disabilities, Access & Functional Needs

NYC Citizen Corps encourages a whole community approach to disaster planning. Workshops and conferences bring a variety of sectors together to share best practices and foster a mindful and inclusive approach to emergency planning for all, including those with disabilities, access and functional needs. Receive an invitation to upcoming events by joining the network. 

Get Prepared: Disabilities, Access & Functional Needs

People with disabilities or access and functional needs must take additional steps when making a plan to be prepared. Visit the Get Prepared: Disabilities, Access & Functional Needs page for more information and access frequently asked questions about how to prepare for such hazards as coastal storms and extreme heat.

The Disability, Access & Functional Needs Symposium

The symposium brings together service providers, consumers, advocates, and community stakeholders to specifically address planning for people that require a higher level of support during emergencies. During previous years, this event has covered topics such as basic preparedness for individuals with disabilities, access, and functional needs, identifying barriers to emergency planning for people with varying needs, as well as exploring potential solutions to these challenges.

Read the most recent event report

Read the 2016 event report

Note: this report is meant to be read online. To request in an alternate format (including a large print copy), or for any other accessibility questions, please contact Dennis Boyd, Esq. — NYC Emergency Management's ADA Grievance Officer:, or 718-422-4845 (TTY: 212-504-4115).

Emergency Shelter Training Video

View the video below to learn about emergency shelters and how staff is trained.

Advance Warning System (AWS)

Sign up for Advance Warning System alerts if your organization works with people with disabilities or others with access and functional needs. The Advance Warning System (AWS) delivers targeted information to service providers that have developed trusted relationships with their clients. These organizations convey the information in the way that is most appropriate for their clients, (e.g., making phone calls, sending email or making direct visits). Additionally, as an AWS subscriber, you will also be invited to join the Access and Functional Needs Working Group and participate in discussions focused on emergency planning for people with disabilities.

What kind of information does AWS deliver?

  • Information about an imminent or occurring emergency, such as hazardous weather, utility  or transportation disruption, public health emergency, or an event requiring evacuation.
  • Pre-season or pre-incident preparedness tips for such events as hurricanes, summer heat and winter storms.
  • Information on services and assistance available during periods of recovery.

How are AWS alerts delivered?

Alerts are delivered to all program subscribers through email or text messages. Alerts can also be found on the AWS website at