Ready New York Advertisements

Since 2009, NYC Emergency Management has worked with the Ad Council to help New Yorkers prepare for emergencies. These public service advertisements (PSAs) focus on the idea that it is up to you to make a plan for you and your family. Many of the broadcast PSAs can be viewed on NYC Emergency Management's YouTube page.


In September 2015, NYC Emergency Management unveiled PSAs as part of its continuing partnership with the Ad Council. The English and Spanish-language TV, radio, outdoor, print, and digital PSAs encourage families to develop an emergency communication plan before a disaster occurs and illustrate the importance of having a family plan in the event of an emergency by showing real emergency moments and asking the question, "when is the right time to prepare?" The viewer is encouraged to develop a family emergency communication plan through the clear message, "Don't wait. Communicate."


In September 2014, NYC Emergency Management unveiled PSAs as part of its continuing partnership with the Ad Council. The localized TV and radio PSAs take a more serious approach to illustrate the importance of knowing where to meet your family in the event of an emergency.


In September 2013, NYC Emergency Management unveiled PSAs as part of its continuing partnership with the Ad Council. The TV, radio, outdoor, print, and digital PSAs take a humorous approach to emphasize the importance for parents to involve their children in the preparedness process. The PSAs aim to build awareness of resources and tools available, and to help families increase their understanding of preparation responsibilities, and they can do to prepare together.


In September 2012, NYC Emergency Management unveiled new print and radio PSAs as part of its continuing partnership with the Ad Council.The radio, web banners and outdoor PSAs emphasize that an emergency can happen at any time without warning, and that people should be ready for "tomorrow."


In September 2011, NYC Emergency Management unveiled new print and radio PSAs as part of its continuing partnership with the Ad Council. The PSAs mirror NYC Emergency Management's Ready New York preparedness education campaign and focus on three key preparedness steps: 1) get an emergency supply kit, 2) make a family emergency plan, and 3) be informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and their appropriate responses. The new radio, web banners and outdoor PSAs were designed pro bono by ad agency Cramer-Krasselt and are available in English and Spanish. The PSAs focus on the idea that you are your family's first responder and it is up to you to make a plan for you and your family. The ads also promoted the NYC Readiness Challenge, online tool puts users in a real-life emergency situation and challenges them to make quick decisions.


In September 2009, NYC Emergency Management launched a joint advertising campaign called Ready New York City with the American Red Cross of Greater New York and the Ad Council. Ready New York City is a public service advertising campaign designed to encourage New Yorkers to prepare for emergencies. The campaign uses the metaphor "a disaster can turn your world upside down" and includes a television ad, a radio ad, and four print designs for newspapers, websites, and outdoor spaces such as bus shelters, kiosks, and billboards. The ads direct New Yorkers to the campaign's website, or in Spanish at to learn more about preparing for emergencies.

In addition to the 2009 campaign, during the H1N1 outbreak in the spring of 2009, NYC Emergency Management and the NYC Department of Health launched an ad campaign to encourage New Yorkers to prevent the spread of flu. The ads mirrored the design of NYC Emergency Management's Ready New York: Pandemic Flu guide and ran as web banners in English and Spanish on various local New York City-based websites in June and July.


In May 2008, NYC Emergency Management created web banner ads to raise awareness about the dangers of hurricanes in New York City. The animated advertisements asked New Yorkers to envision a massive flood, something that would happen if a Category 3 hurricane hit New York City. Another ad urged New Yorkers to find out if they live in a hurricane evacuation zone by visiting the Hurricane Zone Finder. The ads ran on many New York-focused online publications.


Ready New York Posters: at the beginning of 2007, NYC Emergency Management created two posters for its Ready New York program. One poster asked "Are You Ready New York?" to promote general preparedness for emergencies. The other poster asked "What's in your Go Bag?" to encourage New Yorkers to collect emergency supplies. NYC Emergency Management used these posters at preparedness events and as outdoor advertisements throughout 2007. In the spring, NYC Emergency Management ran English versions of these posters on subways. Spanish, Russian, and Chinese versions were posted on phone kiosks and check cashing offices throughout the city.

At the end of the summer of 2007, New York City media began running NYC Emergency Management's new advertising campaign, a localized version of the national Ready campaign, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In English and Spanish, the multi-media advertisements encourage residents to make emergency plans with their loved ones. The Ad Council lead the project and worked with BBDO, who provided pro-bono creative services to develop TV, radio, newspaper, and web space to reach as many New Yorkers as possible.

In summer 2007, Ready New York got some help from the New York Mets and added a new public service announcement to its campaign with Mets star Howard Johnson. The PSA relates emergency preparedness to baseball, encouraging New York families to strategize and create "game plans." These Ready New York advertisements will air at Shea Stadium through the 2007 season.


In September 2006, NYC Emergency Management introduced an advertising program that encouraged New Yorkers to think about the different types of hazards they may face. The campaign reminded New Yorkers that hurricanes, blackouts, and floods can and do happen in New York City, and there are simple ways to prepare for these and other hazards. The ads urged New Yorkers to "get informed, be prepared, and have a plan."


From August - October 2005, NYC Emergency Management featured an advertisement on bus shelters around the city (ads appeared primarily in evacuation zones) to raise awareness among New Yorkers about the city's hurricane risk.


The 2004 Ready New York campaign featured ads on City buses, subways, and billboards from August - October 2004. The ads were designed to illustrate how little time it takes for New Yorkers to be prepared for any type of emergency.


Five radio and television public service announcements were also created for Ready New York in 2003, starring local New York personalities including comedian Gilbert Gottfried, and actors Jerry Orbach, Richard Belzer, and Kenny Simmons. Produced and directed by Time Warner City Cable, the spots have aired more than 16,000 times since July 2003 on Time Warner Cable channels. The PSAs have also run on stadium screens at New York Giants, Jets, Mets, and Yankees during home games.