An NYPD Counterterrorism Officer


A terrorist's primary objective is to create fear. With accurate information and basic emergency preparedness, you can fight back. Visit PlanNowNYC, a website developed by NYC Emergency Management and partners that helps New Yorkers prepare for terrorist attacks and no-notice events.

Know the Facts and Be Responsible

Keep in mind that terrorism can take the form of many different hazards. By preparing for the hazards listed in the Plan for Hazards section, you will also be preparing for terrorist attacks.

  • Know the facts of a situation and think critically. Confirm reports using a variety of reliable sources of information, such as the government or media. Do not spread rumors.
  • Do not accept packages from strangers and do not leave luggage or bags unattended in public areas such as the subway.
  • If you receive a suspicious package or envelope, do not touch it. Call 911 and alert City officials. If you have handled the package, wash you hands with soap and water immediately. Read the US Postal Service's tips for identifying suspicious packages.
  • If you see suspicious behavior, such as people entering restricted areas, people wearing clothing inconsistent with the weather, or people lingering in transportation or utility areas, report it to City officials.

It is especially important to be aware of you surroundings and report suspicious behavior or potential threats. If you have information about possible terrorism, call 1-888-NYCSAFE (1-888-623-7233).

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