Fire Commissioner Unveils Banners in Support of Recruitment for the 2017 FDNY Firefighter Open Competitive Exam

February 6, 2017

On Monday, February 6, 2017, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro unveiled recruitment banners for the upcoming 2017 Firefighter Open Competitive Exam at Engine Company 233 and Ladder Company 176 in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

The banners feature four active FDNY Firefighters who also serve as recruiters for the Department’s Office of Recruitment. This is the first time the FDNY has installed recruitment banners of this kind outside over 200 firehouses.

The featured Firefighters are Lieutenant Andrew Brown (Ladder Company 176 in Brooklyn); Firefighter Danny Chan (Ladder Company 109 in Brooklyn); Firefighter Sarina Olmo (Ladder Company 29 in the Bronx); and Firefighter Jackie-Michelle Martinez (Engine Company 275 in Queens), who also serves as the Department’s first-ever Women’s Outreach Coordinator.

Fire Commissioner Nigro underscored the significance of the banners. “These new banners are a very visible symbol to young men and women that this is a job open to them,” said Commissioner Nigro. “In our recruitment campaign we want to do all we can to reach out to every group.”

He commended the outreach and recruitment efforts for the upcoming exam, “our unprecedented $10 million recruitment campaign has already attracted more than 87,000 prospective candidates – including many women and people of color - two groups underrepresented in our ranks.”

Firefighter Martinez of (E-275) is determined to let women know that this is a job they can do too. “Women can do anything they set their minds to,” said Firefighter Martinez. “You’ll have to work hard but it’s definitely worth it. You’re always learning, always being challenged, so if you like adventure and new things this can definitely be for you. I’m reaching out to all the women who didn’t think this could be a possibility for them. We are out there and we exist. I hope everyone can look at me and envision yourself doing the same thing.”

Lieutenant Andrew Brown is a 15-year veteran of the Department and is one of the four members featured on the banner.

"I wanted to be a New York City Firefighter because it’s an honorable profession and it gives me the ability to help people each day, which is important,” said Lt. Brown. “This is a unique career and it’s definitely one that I recommend to other people because it’s a fulfilling occupation where you learn, train, carry on a legacy and make a difference in the community.”

The filing period for the FDNY Firefighter Open Competitive Exam is April 5th .

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For pictures of the banner unveiling, click here.