Fire Commissioner Presides Over Graduation and Promotion of 18 Fire Prevention Inspectors

June 16, 2017

On Friday, June 16th, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over the graduation and promotion of FDNY’s Fire Protection Inspectors.

FDNY’s Bureau of Fire Prevention is tasked with preventing fires by enforcing the Fire Code and inspecting buildings and locations throughout the five boroughs including businesses, schools, and construction sites.

Six individuals will graduate as Fire Protection Inspectors, three Associate Fire Protection Inspector Level I will be promoted to Supervising Inspector Level I, seven Associate Fire Protection Inspector Level II will be promoted to Supervising Inspector Level II, one Associate Fire Protection Inspector Level III will be promoted to Deputy Chief Inspector, and one Administrative Fire Protection Inspector will be promoted to Chief Inspector.

Fire Commissioner Nigro emphasized the critical role of Fire Prevention Inspectors play for the Department and the City of New York.

“You live up to your name every single day and quite literally prevent fires,” said Commissioner Nigro. “Through inspections, strict adherence to fire and building codes, and by extensively investigating areas of public assembly, construction sites, schools, businesses and thousands more buildings across the five boroughs, you make certain New Yorkers can safely live and work in our city.”

The Bureau of Fire Prevention’s more than 250 Inspectors are extensively trained in inspection oversight and reporting. The Fire Inspectors honored are assigned to Bureau district offices and specialized units throughout the City.

Chief Leonard highlighted the great difference Fire Inspectors make in the communities they serve.

“Each time you or those you supervise remedies a fire or life safety hazard, you have made a tremendous difference in the lives of every person who will ever set foot in that building,” said Chief Leonard. “Businesses, schools, hospitals, restaurants, theaters, concert venues, apartment buildings – every structure in our diverse city owes a great deal of thanks to the work of the FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention.”

Ganesh Sawh is Valedictorian of this graduating class. “As Fire Protection Inspectors, we are the first line of defense,” said Inspector Sawh. “Our role is to prevent fires from starting - whenever you see FDNY in any capacity you know we’re out here to help.”

Chinelle Thomas received a degree in Fire Science to propel her career with the FDNY.  Inspector Thomas was promoted to Supervising Inspector Level I from Associate Fire Inspector Level I. When asked about the FDNY, Inspector Thomas reflected on the family-like environment of the FDNY. “The FDNY is like a family, so you feel right at home,” said Inspector Thomas. “This is a great place to work.”

For photos of the graduation and promotion, click here.