Fire Commissioner Presides Over Promotion of 20 EMS Lieutenants

August 7, 2017

On Monday, August 7th, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over the promotion ceremony of 20 Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Lieutenants at FDNY Headquarters.

The 20 Lieutenants are a diverse group of individuals that have served steadfastly across the city. Several languages are spoken in the group such as Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish.  In total, the Lieutenants have provided over 260 combined years of experience in emergency medical incidents.

Fire Commissioner Nigro highlighted the leadership and dedication of the Lieutenants, as well as their role in saving countless lives. “As new Lieutenants, you will be out on the front line, supervising Paramedics and EMTs, ensuring not only the expert quality of care our patients deserve, but also making certain all of our members operate safely,” said Commissioner Nigro. “You care deeply about our mission, and starting today, it’s now your turn to mold others, to lead by example and to carry on the traditions of the department.”

Chief of Department James E. Leonard underscored the tenacity of the Lieutenants and their commitment to moving the Department forward in leadership. “You have a wealth of experience to call on; you’ve proven your ability, but now, as new Lieutenants, your role on those calls changes,” said Chief Leonard. “Paramedics and EMTs will look to you for guidance, and Captains and Chiefs will rely on you and your decisions to make certain our members – and their patients – are safe. For 152 years our Department has bravely served, and as you step up to lead, you’re helping to build the foundation for generations to come.”

FDNY Lieutenant Edmund Signer is a 12-year veteran of the FDNY. He stressed the Department’s emphasis on training to safely navigate medical emergencies for the patient and FDNY members. “Being a Lieutenant allows me to turn my ideas into action, and to be the change that I want to see. I want to lead by example and encourage others to work to their fullest potential,” said Lt. Signer. “Alongside the great people I work with that share similar interests to me, I’m very grateful for the education and training the Department offers, as I continue to learn and grow.”

For Lieutenant Vanessa Brady, FDNY EMS has been a family affair. “My husband, Lt. Gregg Brady in Haz-Tac Battalion, is a very big supporter of me, and it was through him that I made the decision to take this next step in my career,” said FDNY Lt. Brady. She also emphasized the Department’s excellent training operations. “The training at the Academy was absolutely amazing - it incorporated different aspects of every duty we’ll have on the street, and they also throw real life scenarios at you and do a sensory overload so you’re prepared for any type of catastrophic event. I’m honored and excited to be promoted to Lieutenant.”

The 20 Lieutenants will be stationed throughout the city.

For photos of the promotion ceremony, click here.