Visit Our Business Centers
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    If you prefer to pay a bill or submit a form in person, please visit any one of our Business Centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx. For information on location and hours of operation, click here.
Avoid the Lien Sale
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    This year the lien sale is scheduled for May 2016. If your property is on the list, don’t ignore notices from the Department of Finance. Click here for information on how you can protect your property and remove it from the list.
New Guides for Tax Class 2 Property Owners
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    The new property maps for Condo, Coop and Rentals of four of more units are now available online providing information on assessments, neighborhoods and comparable sales. Click here to begin.
Real Property Income and Expense Forms are Now Available
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    If you own an income-producing property with an Actual Assessed Value of more than $40,000, you need to file an RPIE statement. For more information, including a worksheet and instructions, click here.
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