ACRIS Electronic Payments will be unavailable on Sunday, June 5, 2016, between 06:00 a.m. and 09:00 p.m (ET).  We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS) allows you to search property records and view document images for Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn from 1966 to the present.

  • Find a Property Borough, Block and Lot (BBL) or Address
  • Create Cover Pages and Tax Forms to Record Documents
  • Compute Property Transfer Taxes

City Register Now Accepts All Documents Electronically
City Register now accepts all recorded documents electronically using ACRIS. New York State requires each submitter to register with the recording office in order to participate. To submit all recorded documents electronically, you must already be registered to use ACRIS and complete a Registered Submitter Registration Agreement and Enrollment for eRecording Application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
eRecording Document Submission Guide
ACRIS Enhancements Guide
Fees and Requirements

Current Announcements

ACRIS will be undergoing planned system maintenance during the following three weekends:

  • Friday, June 17 at 6 pm to Monday, June 20 at 6 am
  • Friday, June 24 at 6 pm to Monday, June 27 at 6 am
  • Friday, July 1 at 6 pm to Monday, July 4 at 6 am
During these times, ACRIS will be either partially or completely unavailable.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

ACRIS Tax Form Creation Changes
Effective May 18, 2015, the NYC-RPT form will be revised to include two additional GRANTOR and GRANTEE types:
  1. Single Member LLC 
  2. Multiple Member LLC
For any grantor and grantee that is a partnership or a multiple member LLC, the revised form will request the name and SSN/EIN for each general partner or member:
  • Provide the requested information for each general partner or member in a supporting document with a separate page for each partnership or LLC. Include the name of the partnership or LLC.
  • If the social security number or employer identification number is not provided, attach an affidavit attesting to the reasons the information is missing.
  • This information will be used for tax administration purposes and is confidential.
For additional details, click here.

Transfer tax exemption for START-UP NY Leases effective January 1, 2014

An exemption from the New York State Real Estate Transfer Tax and the New York City Real Property Transfer Tax for START-UP NY Leases took effect on January 1, 2014. This exemption may be claimed when creating transfer tax forms in ACRIS.

Transfer of eTax and Cover Page Transactions between Customer Profiles
As of September 23, 2013, ACRIS will support the transfer of eTax and Cover Page transactions from one ACRIS Customer Profile to another. Detailed instructions for how to transfer a transaction will be available in the online help for eTax and Cover Page. Transfer will be performed from the eTax and Cover Page transaction summary screens and can be between Customer Profiles owned by the same NYC.ID account or between Customer Profiles owned by different NYC.ID accounts. Transfer will require entry of both the target NYC.ID email address and matching Customer Profile.

Begin Using  ACRIS

System Availability
The ACRIS application ís "Find Addresses and Parcels and Create Tax Forms / Create Cover Pages" functions may be unavailable during the following times due to system maintenance:
  • Sundays from 4:00AM to 10:00AM
  • Tuesday to Saturday from 1:00AM to 2:00AM (for several minutes only)
ACRIS ePayment may be unavailable at the following times due to system maintenance:
  • Nightly from 1:00AM - 2:15AM
  • Sundays from 5:00AM - 10:00AM
If you are trying to access any of these functions during these times, service may be interrupted.
A Word About ACRISasap and
Please be advised that neither ACRISasap nor is a New York City Department of Finance approved service or website.  Any errors that occur as a result of using these sites are the responsibility of the filer, including any resulting penalty and interest.

Instructions from the City Register
Completing a Cover Page for a UCC Financing Statement
The Document Date entered should be the same as the Cover Page preparation date, or within six months of the initial UCC filing's expiration date.

Flip Transactions
When a Flip Transaction (a transfer from party A to B, then party B to C) is involved:
  • Complete two separate RPTT forms, using two separate E-Tax transactions.
  • Submit under two separate cover pages.
  • Transfer to the owner (from party B to C) must be filed in the second cover page.

Additional Information
Searching for documents
Preparing a cover page to register a document
Creating electronic tax (E-tax) property forms
Subscription Data Services (SDS)

FAQ: General ACRIS Information
FAQ: Electronic Tax (E-tax) Forms
Checklist for Document Recording

For additional information on the Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT) click here.

System Requirements
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP or later
  • Web Browsers
    • Internet Explorer 8 and up
    • Firefox 15 and up (Note: The built-in Firefox PDF viewer has some known issues with display of dynamic forms.  For completed forms (e.g. tax forms) to display correctly, please ensure Firefox is configured to utilize Adobe Reader.)
    • Chrome users, please Click Here
    • Session Cookies enabled
    • Javascript enabled
    • Pop-up blockers disabled
  • Minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768 dpi
  • Recommended resolution 1280 x 1024 dpi
  • Windows-supported printer

Contact Information
Call the ACRIS Help Line at (212) 487-6300 for assistance or Email the ACRIS Help Desk.

Historical Index Data Subscriptions
Historical index data is also available for download by special request to the City Register.  An active subscription to download this data is not required. Instead, such requests will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. The cost of downloading historical index data will be quoted in advance. When the quoted cost is accepted and payment received, the data will be made available for download. For more information Contact Finance.

Index and Image Data Subscription Fees