Assessment and Valuation Forms

Documents on this page are provided in pdf format.

We recommend that you file your Request for Review, Request to Update, or Administrative Review Application (Clerical Error Remission) form online. Requests for Review/Update that you file now will be reviewed for the 2018/2019 tax year that starts on July 1, 2018. For Administrative Review Applications corrections will be made only for errors made within six years of the application date. Online forms are processed quickly and you will receive a confirmation receipt for your records.

Request for Review:

  • Tax Class 1 Properties
    (Deadline was March 22, 2018) Note: This deadline has been extended from the original date of March 15, 2018.
  • Tax Class 2 Properties
    (Deadline is April 2, 2018)
  • Class 4 Properties
    (Deadline is April 2, 2018)

Request to Update:

Request for Administrative Review (Clerical Error Remission):