Economic Mobility and Opportunity

    Reducing poverty and increasing economic opportunity and mobility for all women regardless of race, class, age, gender and sexual orientation.

Public Safety

    Ensuring every woman, girl and transgender individual is safe and lives free of violence in her/his/their neighborhood, school, community and home.

Access to Health and Reproductive Justice

    Promoting safe and healthy environments for women and girls with access to healthcare and resources to make healthy decisions about their bodies, gender, sexuality and reproduction.

Latest Achievements
On May 4th, Mayor de Blasio signed Intro. 1253, which dictates that it is an unlawful, discriminatory practice for an employer to inquire about or rely upon the salary history of a job applicant to determine their salary amount during the hiring process, including the negotiation of a contract. An applicant's salary history includes current or prior wage, salary, benefits or other compensation. The bill allows employers to discuss with job applicants their expectations about salary, benefits and other compensation. By restricting questions regarding an applicant's previous compensation - which is often used as a benchmark from which to determine starting pay in a new position - employers take a vital step to stop perpetuating a cycle of suppressed wages for women and people of color within their workforce.
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Photo of Mayor de Blasio Signing the Latest Pay Equity Bill