A NYCEM employee and volunteers organize boxes of supplies

Help Now NYC


    Help Now NYC provides information about ways individuals and organizations can help those affected by disasters.

How to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Maria

You can support those affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. For additional updates and information, visit FEMA's Hurricane Harvey webpage, FEMA's Hurricane Irma webpage and FEMA's Hurricane Maria webpage.

Visit the Government of Puerto Rico's dashboard for updates on the status of hospitals, food/water distribution centers, gas stations, and more.


Making a financial contribution to a volunteer agency involved in disaster relief is the best way of helping people in need after a disaster.

Donate cash:


The City will work with the Mayor of San Juan to make sure that New York City employees who wish to volunteer will be able to do so. Once it is determined which skill sets are needed from volunteers, the City will connect those employees to organizations already working on the ground.

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