The HHS Accelerator Data Report

Download the report to learn about HHS Accelerator activity and the Client and Community Services contracting landscape.

Our Growth

Since the launch of the HHS Accelerator System in 2013, we have served more than 7,000 users, 1,958 prequalified providers across the City and released over 93 Request for Proposals (RFPs). In the past year, the value of contract budgets managed in HHS Accelerator Financials has doubled to over $1.2 billion.


Since 2013, the HHS Accelerator team has reported:

median # of days for a provider to get prequalified.

RFPs released through HHSA.


Prequalified Provider Map

The following map shows provider organizations that have been prequalified in HHS Accelerator. Prequalification does not indicate that an organization currently provides services for the City. Addresses provided below indicate the organization's headquarters.

Don't see your organization?

Streamlining Procurement

The following Agencies have released Client and Community Services RFPs using the HHS Accelerator System. As of summer 2015, 93 procurements were released through the system.

The work of the HHS Accelerator team and collaborating Agencies has contributed to streamlining the procurement process. The following graphic maps the average task time from RFP release to award selection in the HHS Accelerator System.

median number of calendar days from RFP release to award.


The HHS Accelerator Procurement Roadmap is regularly updated with new opportunities for CCS providers. For the latest list of CCS opportunities, visit the Procurement Roadmap.

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