HHS Accelerator Financials builds on the efficiencies of the Procurement module by enabling a paperless process for managing budgets, invoices and payments for the City’s Health and Human Service contracts.

The system facilitates increased accuracy, accountability and simplifies the financial relationship of Health and Human Service providers across participating Agencies. The system features:

  • A standardized budget template
  • Increased transparency for Providers and Agencies
  • A shared interface for Agencies and Providers to conduct contract transactions
  • Improved efficiency for contract and budget management.

The City of New York is phasing in the use of this module with Agencies. In FY2016, programs from the following Agencies are using HHS Accelerator Financials:

Providers will receive notification from HHS Accelerator and the funding Agency if a contract will be managed in HHS Accelerator Financials.

For providers that have been selected for HHS Accelerator Financials, to learn more or attend training please visit the Help section.