Career Opportunities

Welcome to HPD's Career Opportunities page. HPD offers competitive positions in a supportive work environment with great employee benefits.

HPD's available positions are listed below and are organized by Office. Please review the open positions and apply accordingly.

Non-City Applicants: Candidates who are not currently City employees may review HPD's available positions and apply through the NYC Careers portal by clicking on the links below.

Current HPD and/or City Employees: Candidates may apply for all positions through NYCAPS Employee Self Service (ESS).

Job TitleJob ID#SalaryPosting Date
The Office of Asset and Property Management (APM)
APM leads the agency effort to protect the City's investment. Established in 2009, APM actively monitors the performance and regulatory compliance of City-sponsored projects and directly manages City-owned property.
Asset Manager 309476 $50,362-$78,177 10/12/2017
Financial Reviewer 308973 $52,143-$59,385 10/06/2017
Building Coordinator 308998 $51,197-$55,000 10/06/2017
Tenant Interim Lease (TIL) Data Analyst 308533 $54,643-$62,862 10/04/2017
Business Analyst 308556 $62,862-$71,000 10/04/2017
Co-op Readiness & Technical Services (CRTS) Violations & Repairs Coordinator 307846 $51,197-$60,000 09/29/2017
Deputy Director of Tenant Association (TA) Management 305615 $50,362-$78,177 09/19/2017
The Office of the Commissioner
The Office of the Commissioner oversees and leads HPD.
The Office of Development (DEV)
DEV leads the implementation of the Mayor's Housing Plan to create or preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing by the close of the fiscal year 2024.
Senior Project Manager, Year 15 Program 312325 $65,000-$75,000 11/03/2017
Associate Commissioner for New Construction 311439 $144,000-$154,000 10/27/2017
Executive Director of Homeownership Initiatives 307157 $110,000-$120,000 09/26/2017
Affordable Neighborhood Cooperative (ANCP) Project Manager 305674 $55,000-$65,000 09/20/2017
Multifamily Disposition and Finance (MDFP) Senior Project Manager/Underwriter/Analyst 304461 $70,000-$80,000 09/06/2017
In Rem Deputy Director 304095 $72,224-$82,224 09/05/2017
Grant Specialist - CoC Grants, Division of Special Needs Housing 300188 $35,683-$59,385 08/23/2017
The Office of Enforcement and Neighborhood Services (OENS)
OENS works closely with other HPD divisions and outside community partners to identify buildings in distress, assess and develop appropriate strategies to address those properties, and work closely with responsible owners to develop a plan to improve conditions and return buildings to firm financial footing and physical health.
Housing Inspector 312472 $49,862-$57,341 08/17/2017
Housing Inspector 300740 $49,862-$57,341 08/17/2017
The Office of Financial Management and Tenant Resources (FMTR)
FMTR provides a central place in the agency for support and consultation on financial issues.
Accounts Receivable Liaison 312474 $46,747-$46,747 11/06/2017
The Office of the First Deputy Commissioner
The Office of the First Deputy Commissioner works closely with the HPD Commissioner in fulfilling the agency’s mission and key goals, and oversees many of HPD’s operations. The Office of HPD Tech, and Divisions of Performance Management and Analytics, Human Resources, Section 8 Appeals, and Operations & Support Services report to the First Deputy Commissioner.
Internal Compliance Officer 309707 $52,000-$59,964 10/13/17
Director of Staffing Management 309705 $90,000-$100,000 10/13/17
Director of Training and Development 306622 $90,000-$100,000 09/19/17
The Office of HPD Tech
The Office of HPD Tech develops and supports the technological infrastructure of HPD.
.net Programmer/Analyst 309365 $80,000-$90,000 10/11/17
.net Programmer/Analyst 304809 $80,000-$90,000 09/07/17
.net Programmer/Analyst 302224 $80,000-$90,000 08/25/17
Technical Lead 302222 $102,000-$112,000 08/25/17
Technical Product Owner 302225 $102,000-$112,000 08/25/17
GIS Web Developer 300741 $77,550-$87,550 08/18/17
Product Owner/Project Manager 291450 $100,000-$110,000 06/12/17
The Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)
OLA provides legal support services to the entire agency.
Senior Counsel 312468 $115,000-$125,000 11/06/17
Senior Counsel 312469 $115,000-$125,000 11/06/17
Senior Real Estate Attorney 312471 $100,000-$110,000 11/03/17
Agency Attorney 308488 $58,716-$67,523 10/03/17
The Office of Neighborhood Strategies (ONS)
ONS is charged with ensuring that HPD's development and preservation efforts are guided by meaningful community engagement and coordinated with public investments in infrastructure and services, as put for  in the Mayor's Housing Plan.
Neighborhood Planner 313084 $50,362-$78,177 11/13/17
Borough Planner 313081 $50,362-$78,177 11/13/17
The Office of Strategy, Research, and Communications (SRC)
SRC is responsible for interfacing with elected officials and key stakeholders, the media, and the public; improving agency operations and programs through innovative approaches and team building and performing major housing research to inform all aspects of our work from neighborhood strategies to code enforcement.
Deputy Commissioner, Office of Policy & Strategy 310539 $180,000-$185,000 10/20/17