Housing New York:
A Five-Borough, Ten-Year Plan

Housing New York

Affordable housing is part of the bedrock of what makes New York City work. It's what underpins the economically diverse neighborhoods New Yorkers want to live in. It's critical to providing financial stability for working families, helping them get ahead and build a better life. And yet today, we face a crisis of affordability. New Yorkers are spending more and more to cover their housing costs, and entire neighborhoods have lost their affordability. That is why we created Housing New York: A Five-Borough, Ten-Year Plan to build and preserve 200,000 affordable units over the coming decade for households, to support New Yorkers with a range of incomes, from the very lowest to those in the middle class. This is a plan to get ahead of the curve, to protect neighborhoods and build our city's next generation of affordable housing.

The plan outlines over 50 initiatives to support our goal of building or preserving 200,000 units of high-quality affordable housing, broken down into four categories:

  • Foster thriving and inclusive neighborhoods
  • Improve and preserve the affordability and quality of our existing housing stock
  • Build unprecedented numbers of new affordable homes
  • Better serve the homeless and those most in need of support

For more information, visit the NYC Housing website.

Housing New York: Three Years of Progress

Housing New York: Three Years of Progress

The Housing New York plan has financed 62,506 affordable homes since its inception in 2014 - breaking records for most new construction financed for a consecutive three years with 20,854 total homes financed. That total includes enough affordable housing to serve more than 160,000 low-income New Yorkers. Sixty-seven percent of the financing went to preserving the affordability of 41,652 existing apartments, which currently serve more the 100,000 New Yorkers.

Housing New York: Three Years of Progress describes the inroads made towards the goals of the Housing New York plan.

By creating innovative and cost effective programs to create sustainable affordable housing for the very lowest-income families – including seniors, veterans and families in City shelters -- the administration has created more homes for the lowest income New Yorkers than in previous administrations:

  • More than a quarter of all affordable housing financed under the Mayor’s plan are serving New Yorkers making less than $31,100 for an individual or $40,800 for a family of three.
  • More than 14 percent serve New Yorkers making less than $19,050 a year, or $24,500 for a family of three.

The administration is ahead of schedule to reach its goal of creating or preserving 200,000 units of affordable housing in ten years.

For more information on the close of the calendar year, see the press release.

Starts by Construction Type (to Date)

Construction Type

CY 2016

HNY Starts


New Construction 6,844 20,854 33%
Preservation 15,119 41,652 67%
Total 21,963 62,506 100%


HNY Starts by Borough (to Date)


New Construction


HNY Starts

Bronx 7,436 10,563 17,999
Brooklyn 6,627 11,457 18,084
Manhattan 3,933 15,677 19,610
Queens 2,409 2,392 4,801
Staten Island 449 1,563 2,012


HNY Starts by Affordability (to Date)



Income Range*

HNY Starts

Extremely Low 0-30% ≤$24,500 8,877
Very Low 31-50% $24,501-$40,800 8,369
Low 51-80% $40,801-$65,250 32,229
Moderate 81-120% $65,251-$97,920 3,755
Middle 121-165% $97,921-$134,640 8,973
Other Super N/A 303

*Income range for a 3-person household