NYC Housing and Vacancy Report

Housing and Vacancy Survey Report

New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey (HVS) is the most comprehensive and reliable housing market survey conducted in any city in the nation. The HVS is required every three years by state and city rent regulation laws and is conducted for the City by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The HVS enables HPD and outside groups to  conduct extensive analysis of the City’s residential population and households, race/ethnicity, household composition and types, crowding and doubling-up, immigration, incomes and the labor market, education, homeownership, the housing inventory, vacancies and vacancy rates, rent levels, affordability, and conditions of housing and neighborhoods, including trends for the City and the 5 boroughs. Once complete, the HVS provides detailed data for each of 55 areas similar to Community Districts in 30 sub-borough tables. The Report is useful to policy analysts, planners, scholars and researchers, real estate analysts, developers, service providers in private and non-profit organizations, government agencies and community groups.

2014 New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey Initial Findings 

2011 New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey 

2014 NYC Housing and Vacancy Survey