Neighborhood Focus Areas

Brownsville, Brooklyn

The Brownsville Plan is the result of a community-driven process to identify neighborhood goals, form strategies to address local needs, and find resources to fill gaps in service. The Brownsville Plan will result in the creation of over 2,500 new affordable homes, representing more than $1 billion of investment in housing in the neighborhood.

East Harlem, Manhattan

The East Harlem Housing Plan summarizes the goals, strategies, and actions that the City proposes to undertake in response to a range of needs and priorities in the neighborhood, including those articulated by residents and stakeholders in the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan.

East New York, Brooklyn

The East New York Neighborhood Plan, released in 2016, features initiatives led by numerous City agencies to promote affordable housing development, encourage economic development, create pedestrian-friendly streets and invest in community resources to support the long-term growth and sustainability of East New York, Cypress Hills, and Ocean Hill.

Edgemere, Queens

Rising sea levels, increasing temperatures and precipitation, and the likelihood of more frequent and intense storms threaten New York City's neighborhoods and infrastructure while exacerbating social inequity. Edgemere's severe damage from Hurricane Sandy, coupled with the City's ownership of a significant amount of vacant land, created an opportunity to pair the City's recovery efforts with a long term vision for a higher quality of life for Edgemere residents.

Jerome Avenue, Bronx

The Jerome Avenue Draft Neighborhood Plan is a comprehensive overview of plan elements related to Housing, Economic & Workforce Development, Land Use & Zoning, Open Space & Access, and Community Resources.

The Plan is part of an on-going community engagement process that identifies opportunities to fulfill the vision for Jerome Avenue as a vibrant activity center which both supports and serves as the centerpiece of the surrounding neighborhoods. The Plan is a part of Housing New York, the Mayor’s plan to build and preserve affordable housing throughout New York City in coordination with strategic infrastructure investments to foster a more equitable and livable New York City through an extensive community engagement process. HPD took the lead on the Housing chapter of the plan.