Benchmarking Protocol

About Benchmarking Protocol

Buildings receiving HPD financing are required to benchmark and track utility usage for heating, electric and water. This requirement is being phased in for new financing and is not retroactively applied. Buildings will be required to retain a qualified benchmarking service provider for the restriction period governed by the regulatory agreement. Buildings will be required to comply with the benchmarking and reporting requirements.

Compliance with the HPD Benchmarking Protocol will facilitate compliance with Local Law 84 for buildings mandated to comply. Buildings over 50,000 square feet and on the compliance list are required to benchmark buildings and undergo periodic energy audits under Local Laws 84, 87, and 88 of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan. Check for your building here.

Benchmarking Software Provider RFQ

HDC seeks to establish a pre-qualified list or building benchmarking software providers to provider hands-on benchmarking services to City-financed buildings. The main goals fo the RFQ are to help build capacity on the building level to better understand utility isage, compare performance to similar buildings, and identify improvements to energy efficiency; create a reliable system for HDC and HPD to capture building performacne data on an ongoing and consistent basis, and; help the City document progress towards emissions targets laid out in the 80 by 50 goal.