Executive Order 50 / Compliance Review

Executive Order 50 (EO 50) requires that companies doing business with the City of New York not discriminate against former, present or potential employees or subcontractors because of age, alienage or citizenship status, arrest or conviction record, caregiver, color, credit history, disability, gender, gender identity, marital or partnership status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion/creed, sexual orientation, unemployment status or status as victim of domestic violence, sexual violence, or stalking in all employment or contracting decisions.

Developers, borrowers, construction contractors, goods and service providers must submit to a compliance review prior to the award of a loan agreement, contract or subcontract. The compliance review determines whether the business entity maintains nondiscriminatory hiring and employment policies in confio; has not been barred from receiving public funds owing to past civil, criminal or administrative violations; and provides data used for various labor law and business participation reports.

The submitted documents – an Employment Report and a Contractor Affirmation Statement - are reviewed by the SRC/Division of Economic Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance. If the firm is found to be in compliance, a certificate memo is issued. In addition, a representative of the business Entity must attend a Pre-Award Conference once every three years. Questions regarding the compliance review should first be directed to the HPD project manager or contractor providing these documents.

For more detailed information regarding submission requirements and the review process, see the Compliance Review Presentation.