Property Owner and Landlord Responsibilities

HPD assists residential owners to understand and fulfill the requirements for Property Registration and maintenance, to Clear Violations and Orders, and to understand what penalties and fees might apply should an owner fail to meet the requirements of the Housing Maintenance Code and Multiple Dwelling Law. Click on Owner Online Portal to access more information.  

HPD offers a variety of low-interest Homeowner Repair Loans and tax benefits for moderate to major renovations of vacant or occupied buildings of varying size. We offer courses to help owners with credit counseling, budgeting, and home maintenance and repairs.  

Keeping up to date on property tax payments is also important, as failure to do can lead to enforcement actions led by HPD. The Property Tax Delinquency section explains this further, offering advice on payment agreements and a number to call for questions about municipal charges.

If you purchased a home through any of the following homeownership programs, you may be subject to special requirements for the leasing and sale of any units. Please consult these program pages for details. 

In New York City, renters and landlords have rights and responsibilities to maintain residential property. Owners must register their properties annually, provide essential services and ensure their properties are safe and habitable according to the standards of the HPD-enforced New York City Housing Maintenance Code. These webpages will explain the basic  maintenance requirements, penalties and fees, and the potential for not clearing violations and entering one of the City's enforcement programs.

It is illegal for building owners to force tenants to leave their apartments or surrender their rights (see our page on Tenant Harassment).

Tenants also have responsibilities to their building owners and their apartments. They may not damage the building, intentionally or through neglect, and they are responsible for the actions of their guests. Owners have the right to access a tenant’s apartment in order to perform repairs and/or inspections provided that access is at a reasonable time and in a reasonable manner.

Finally, there is important information for all owners on best practices as well as new legal requirements should New York City experience a weather emergency, natural disaster, or power outage.