NYC Housing Connect

Through NYC Housing Connect, you can learn how to apply for affordable housing in New York City, view current and upcoming housing opportunities, complete an application for your household, and apply to housing options for which you may qualify.

Your household must not only qualify with detailed criteria on a property-by-property basis, but you must also be selected at random in the lottery for that property. Preferences noted in the advertisement will be given first consideration.

Before applying, please take time to read carefully all instructions and download the Housing Connect Guides in the following section.

Housing Connect Guides

Click on the links below to download the guides, with access to additional languages and formats.

Ready, Set, Apply!
Getting ready to apply for affordable housing takes time - and it means more than just filling out paperwork. This guide will help you get organized so you can put together a strong application.
What to Expect
This step-by-step guide explains what to expect when applying for affordable housing in New York City.
Income Guide
Your income is an important part of your affordable housing application. This guide shows you how to calculate your income.
After You Apply
If your application is selected, this guide provides checklists and resources to help you prepare for your affordable housing interview.

Watch the video below that explains what applicants can expect to experience during the application process for HPD or HDC's affordable housing lotteries.

Additional Information

If you would like to receive an e-mail when future opportunities arise, please create an account on Housing Connect. Your email will automatically be added to our distribution list.

If you wish to apply with a paper application instead, please click on the Search tab in Housing Connect where you will be presented with a list of all developments currently accepting applications. Click on the name of each project to view the advertisement. Each advertisement contains instructions for requesting a paper application for that particular lottery. You do not need to create an account to view advertisements.

To hear information in different languages about how to apply for housing lotteries, please call:

  • English: 212-863-5610
  • Español (Spanish): 212-863-5620
  • 广东话 (Cantonese): 212-863-8925
  • Kreyol Ayisyien (Creole): 212-863-8939
  • 한국어 (Korean): 212-863-8979
  • 普通话 (Mandarin): 212-863-8924
  • Русский (Russian): 212-863-8936 
  •    العربية (Arabic): 212-863-8961 

HPD works with real estate professionals and community sponsors who market apartments to the public, monitoring the lease up process to ensure that city-sponsored apartments are rented through an open lottery system, and that housing is fairly and equitably distributed to eligible applicants. HPD does not process applications for apartments to rent directly. There are no broker's fees and no application fees.