Small Purchases (<$100,000)

For housing maintenance and repairs as well as demolition, contractors are selected from a pre-qualified list of vendors, if applicable. To obtain pre-qualified status, contractors must complete appropriate forms and submit relevant licenses, references, etc. For further information, review HPD Vendor's List or contact the Contractor Compliance Unit at 212-863-7815.

The pre-qualified lists are distinguished by various categories, depending on the type of work to be performed. HPD will randomly select at least eight contractors to solicit unless the pre-qualified list consists of fewer than eight suppliers, in which case HPD will solicit all suppliers on the list. Awards are made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidders.

Large Purchases (> $100,000)

Large purchases are awarded through the issuance of competitive sealed bids; negotiated acquisitions and requests for proposals. Advertisements of contract opportunities are done via directly mailed notices and publication in the City Record.

For some large purchases, contractors may be required to submit bid security at the time of bidding, and Payment and Performance Bonds upon contract award. This requirement is described in the particular bid package. In addition, there are insurance requirements for general liability coverage, worker's compensation and automobile liability outlined in the bid package. Contractors must factor into their bid prices all costs associated with applicable insurance and bonding requirements as well as factors of inflation.

Bid packages are available to contractors at a non-refundable cost of $25.00. However, prospective contractors may review bid documents at the offices of HPD if they do not wish to purchase them.

HPD strongly encourages prospective bidders to attend a pre-bid conference. Contractors are also reminded that bid opening times are strictly adhered to and that concessions are not usually granted for late submission of bids.

Submission of PASSPort (see below) and Equal Opportunity (EO) documents may be required by apparent low responsive bidders.

In many cases, when contracts are awarded to new contractors to HPD, a Post-Award Meeting is held where procedures for invoicing and payments, explanations and interpretation of purchase orders, performance expectations etc., are explained in detail.

PASSPort NYC Vendor Enrollment
The City of New York’s new procurement system, PASSPort, the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal will be available as of August 1, 2017. Vendors interested in doing business with the City of New York, should enroll on the City’s PASSPort System. You can access the PASSPort website by clicking on the PASSPort icon below, or by entering the following address into your web browser:

Please contact the PASSPort support team with any questions:

PASSPort Disclosure Filing (Formally VENDEX)

As of August 1, 2017, Vendors will be required to perform their disclosure filing (formerly VENDEX) in the city’s new PASSPort System (Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal).

All organizations intending to do business with the City of New York should complete an online disclosure process to be considered for a contract. This disclosure process was formerly completed using the Vendor Information Exchange System’s (VENDEX) paper-based forms. In anticipation of awards, all potential bidders and proposers are requested to create online accounts in PASSPort and file all disclosure information. Paper submissions, including certifications of no changes to existing VENDEX packages will no longer be accepted in lieu of enrollment and completion of the disclosure filing in the PASSPort system.

For more information about PASSPort, please visit or contact the PASSPort support team with any questions:


The HPD Fiscal Manual provides vendors with information on the agency’s payment procedures, requirements for the maintenance of books and records related to payment requisitions, the agency’s Right to Audit, and additional related procedures. For further information or to review the agency’s Fiscal procedures, please refer to the HPD Fiscal Manual.